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Business Development Manager, South London and South East

Main Job Function

Developing strong relationships, combining a high level of sales drive, creativity and excellent product and technical knowledge; in this role, the individual will have the opportunity to develop into a skilled, professional, valued member of the team, who really makes a difference.


  1. To develop profitable sales by adding value for the customer using clinical evidence together with excellent service and support activities.
  2. To achieve or exceed sales targets.
  3. Through excellence in service, support and teamwork, enhance the image and reputation of Pharmasure.

Personal Qualities

  1. A charismatic, goal-orientated individual, driven to succeed, resilient - “Fire in the belly.” Providing consistent, effort – willing and able to build the business along with his/her track record and career.
  2. Intellectually agile – can absorb and manipulate technical data to engage with customers on a “peer to peer” level to overcome business and clinical barriers to use and to achieve credibility with customers.
  3. Well-developed inter-personal skills, excellent, confident communicator – draws people to him/her self through interesting, warm, friendly professionalism. A rounded, interesting person.
  4. An able, contributing team player who recognises the importance of the team in helping to achieving his/her and the Company’s objectives.


  1. Two to three years’ successful experience in pharmaceutical sales with some hospital pharmaceutical sales.
  2. Evidence of creativity in penetrating key accounts and establishing contact with decision makers.
  3. At ease using scientific, practical and commercial arguments in promoting products and services.
  4. Science or life-science graduate.

Email your CV to recruitment@pharmasure.co.uk