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Women who survive cancer less likely to achieve a pregnancy

For the first time, a large population study quantifies the effect of cancer and its treatment on the chances of pregnancy. A cohort study linking three decades of Scottish Cancer Registry records with maternity hospital discharge data has indicated that female cancer survivors are considerably less…

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7 Companies That Offer Fertility Benefits

In recent efforts to attract top talent in a competitive market, companies have identified the next popular perk for employees -- fertility coverage. While the benefit may not seem as flashy as unlimited vacation or treehouse workspaces, IVF treatments, adoption and surrogacy costs can reach over…

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What is a semen analysis?

Also known as a sperm count test, a semen analysis is used to determine the health and viability of your sperm. An analysis of your semen measures three key factors of sperm health: The amount of sperm The shape of the sperm – sperm morphology How the sperm move – sperm motility Often, a single…

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